The Earthian Worldview

The Earthian Worldview represents a unified worldview for all Earthians. It functions as the moral and ethical foundation for humanity. Individuals can take personal actions using the Personal Action Planner for ideas.

As a supporter of the Earthian Manifesto, I agree to take action and strive for personal progress in the following “Earthian” attitudes and behaviors:

Respect for Man

  • Treat all human beings with respect and consideration. Treat others as we wish them to treat us.

Respect and Preserve Nature

  • Take responsibility for any impacts on nature and treat all creatures decently
  • Protect and restore Earth’s ecological systems and regenerative capabilities

 Help the Poor

  • Help eradicate poverty as an ethical, social and environmental imperative
  • Support universal access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity

Practice a Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Use all natural resources frugally and efficiently, particularly fossil fuels
  • Moderate material consumption: reduce, reuse and recycle

 Take Responsibility

  • The protection of human rights and those of the rest of nature is a worldwide responsibility that transcends all cultural, ideological and geographical boundaries. This responsibility is both individual and collective.


I support the following features of a global society:

  • Tolerance – Tolerance for diversity of race, color, nationality or religion
  • Care – Caring for the community of life, with understanding and compassion
  • Non-violence – Promote a global society of non-violence, tolerance and peace
  • Equality – Equal rights for everyone, including the right to life, liberty and security of person; to peaceful assembly and association; to participation in government; to education; to the freedoms of thought, conscience and religion; to inquiry and expression.
  • Participation – Inclusive participation in decision-making
  • Governance – Provide transparency and accountability in governance, and access to justice.
  • Development – Human development that does not threaten the integrity of nature or the survival of other species
  • Sustainability – Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs


Note: This Creed was developed from material in the Earth Charter from Earth Charter International (

"All the issues we care about most – climate change, international debt, nuclear proliferation, war, the balance of trade between nations – can be resolved only at the global or the international level. Without global measures, it is impossible to see how we might distribute wealth from rich nations to poor ones, tax the mobile rich and their even more mobile money, control the shipment of toxic waste, sustain the ban on landmines, prevent the use of nuclear weapons, broker peace between nations or prevent powerful states from forcing weaker ones to trade on their terms. By working only at the local level, we leave these, the most critical of issues, to the men who have appointed themselves to run the world."
George Monbiot