The EARTHIAN icon:

represents a new,
human identity
based on commonalities, not differences.

It leverages our 21st century era of
to create a better global future



Preserve the earth,
live sustainably within its carrying capacity,
and ensure physical and economic security for all.



We support the transition to a
from a growth and consumption worldview,
promoted and controlled by the 1%.

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The Personal Action Guide lists actions that
move us towards a more caring and sustainable
world. We believe we are what we DO, and that
we must be the change we want to see in the world.
… it’s up to us.

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is a new, participatory approach to

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Help create the next step
in human evolution

•    •    •    •

by promoting the Earthian identity (vision, worldview and personal action)
and initiating the People’s Global Authority project.
The PGA is a “design” project which represents a new,
participatory approach to planet management.



The Earthian Manifesto aims to reclaim
our ultimate sovereignty as human beings...
the sovereignty of the INDIVIDUAL
and the COLLECTIVE (99%)


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